Perkins+Will is proud to offer the 2030 Challenge Energy Estimating Tool for use by the community. The tool will help project teams set energy mix goals for the 2030 Challenge and covers four basic energy areas: Efficiency and Conservation, On-site Renewable Energy, Off-Site Renewable Energy and Green Power (RECs). Energy Efficiency is the key to reducing our global carbon footprint - please make it your main target. 2030e2 results are contingent on the Baseline Kbtu being properly established. At this time, data for establishing baselines is limited in availability and will require further development by the community. The 2030e2 Results are Goals and should not be used as predictions of how a specific design will perform. 2030e2 is not an energy modeling program or a carbon calculator. Please E-mail your comments to 2030e2@perkinswill.com.

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